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We are a firm that specializes in providing professional services in the areas of accounting, administration and finance, taxation, payroll and human resources. We also advise our clients on restructuring and reorganization of its business in the face of processes’ optimization.

We enable our clients to focus their efforts on doing what they like, know and want to do, focusing solely on their core business and delegating other critical functions essential to their development to us.

At Lauders we address today's most demanding and selective professionals, who are used to provide our clients with accurate information at any point in time.

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LAUDERS PARTNERS CONSULTING is proud of the long careers of its professionals, who have many years of experience working with the financial and payroll departments of outstanding companies.

Experienced managers who have rendered their services to multinational companies worldwide as well as to SMEs with little presence beyond our borders.

The Lauder Partners Consulting professionals have held and currently hold prominent positions in the boards of major national and international companies and have played an important role in their legal, labor, tax and accounting, contributing to their success many times.


At Lauders we are committed to helping our clients to develop their full potential from a coordinated work team and we are open and willing to listen and evaluate the initiatives proposed by our customers.

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LAUDERS PARTNERS CONSULTING was born with a single goal: To make easier the daily professional life to our clients, offering comprehensive advice in the main back office areas that a business needs. We are an independent company created by a team of consultants with many years of experience and dedication to BPO services.

Our differential factors are our degree of specialization, our experience, availability and proximity, our flexibility, our guarantee and solvency, our independence, our privacy, our integrity, our empathy and ultimately our ability to build a strong relationship with our clients.

Expertise fields

We know how important it is for our clients the comprehensive management of alWe know how important it is for our clients the comprehensive management of all administrative processes. To this end, we are capable of providing support to all the administrative management of a business or to a specific branch. Whether it is Accounting, Tax, Labor Management or Trust Services, our company will provide the solution that best suits your needs.